Know your library

 Duration:                                         Normal College hours on all working days except Saturdays & holidays.

Criteria for membership:     All regular students of this College are eligible for the membership.

How to be a member:               Regular students may get their Library Cards at the time of admission but they have to sign it by the Librarian, producing acknowledgement card along with money receipt to the library, from 11-30 a.m. to 1-30 p.m. on all working days except Saturday.

Duration of membership:     For a session only. Students must renew/ acquire their library cards for the next academic session, as they have to surrender their cards & borrowed books at the time of form fill up prior to University Exam (Library Clearance mandatory).

Rules & Regulations:            (1) Every honours student may borrow 3 books at a time

(2) Pass/ General Students may borrow 2 books at a time

(3) For both cases they may retain the books for maximum 30 days

(4) Overdue charges beyond the stipulated time period may be imposed according the library rules.

(5) Books are issued against requisition slip, duly filled up by the students themselves between 11-30 a.m. and 1-30 p.m. (For UGC & Non-UGC books there are separate slips) & they have to borrow it on the same day between 3 p.m. and 4-30 p.m.

(6) Students are allowed to go near the closed almirah for the purpose of book selection. Manual & computerized catalogues are also there for this purpose.

(7) Please ensure the content of a document before borrowing it, as a borrowed book may not be taken back before stipulated time.

(8) Students are allowed to choose any documents for their reference work, but they must retain it for minimum 35 minutes.

(9) Reference books are not allowed to borrow or students are not allowed to leave the reference desk with these books in any case.

(10) Students are bound to replace the book in case of loss or damage.

(11) Some rare marked books are there in the almirah & these are generally meant for reference purpose only.

(12) Keep silence and keep it clean. In all cases of controversies the Library Constitution and Library Rules & Regulation is the final.

Current Facilities:                 (a) Internet facility (b) Reference Service (c) Clipping Service for the career advancement (d) Document delivery and guidance to prepare project work (e) Departmental / Seminar library in each and every department.

Facilities to be provided:  (a) Computer at students’ reach for the catalogue searching (b) Question Bank (c) Syllabus for all subjects (d) Reference lists (d) Year wise books lists (e) Defaulters lists (f) on demand printing facilities etc (g) special borrowing facility after library clearance mainly due to C.U. form fill up.

Vastness of the Library:       The library possess about 42 thousand books and above 12 thousand back volumes of journals. Library regularly subscribes 12 journals (hardcopies). There are 40 seats for reference work. This library is a member of N-LIST (a project funded by the MHRD through INFLIBNET), which provides electronic access to nearly 2000 journals and 50,000 e-books.

Archive:                                           Library also maintain a good collection of rare books along with bound volume of College Magazine since 1923 & other valuable books as old as 1729. Students may visit this archive on Saturday only.

Suggestions & cooperation:  All library staffs are very cooperative & eager to solve the problem. Every single suggestion is very vital for the smooth running of the library and for this purpose students may feel free to contact the Librarian.

Contact librarian:

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