Minor & Major Research Project

Minor & Major Research Project

Lots of academic staff members of this college have availed Minor & Major Research Project from UGC and successfully completed their projects. Some of them are as follows:

1. Sheela Roy (Zoology):

2. Sohini Ghosh (Bengali):

3. Ishita Chakraborty (History):

4. Bhaswati Chatterjee (History):

5. Anindita Ghosh (Geography):

6. Uma Bhowmik (Physics):

7. Swati Moitra (Sen) (Botany):

8. Indrani Sarkar (Zoology):

9. Chandana Sarkar (Physiology):

and others..

Under going MRP:

1. Purnima Chakraborti (English):

2. Nirmal Debnath (Zoology):

3. Gobinda Chandra Sadhukhan (Zoology):

Sanctioned MRP (2011-12)

1. Raja Biswas, Librarian, Senior Scale.

Major Project:

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