About the Library

  Vidyasagar College Library

  (Established in the year 1872)


      39, Sankar Ghosh Lane, Kolkata- 700006;West Bengal

     Ph: (033) 2242 3018




Our motto: Service is our prime objective. By serving the information hungry users quickly with precise and relevant information, we may feel elated. We may serve until the users feel satisfied.

Present Library Staffs:

Sri Raja Biswas, Librarian, Senior Scale, M.Sc. (Zoology) , MLIS (Duration: 2000-Till date)

Sri Subimal Chakraborti, Sri Sukumar Das, Smt. Hasina Islam, Sri Monojit Hazra (Casual)

  • (Posts vacant: Librarian & Library Clerk)


Vidyasagar College & the Library

Early Steps:  The auspicious inception

  • Vidyasagar College has been a unique institute of higher education, conceived, established and managed by Indians only during the height of British rule in India. Its object was to impart higher education to Indian students, and inculcate in theme of patriotic outlook. It also sought to make higher education affordable to the economically weaker students.
  • Because of these noble objectives, Vidyasagar College became the cradle of the national freedom movement. A galaxy of eminent sons of India was associated with this institute either as committee members or teachers or as students.
  • It is a matter of unique distinction for Vidyasagar College that four undergraduate colleges, namely, The Seuri Vidyasagar college, The Nabadwip Vidyasagar college, Vidyasagar college for Women and Vidyasagar Evening college have taken their origin from this college. It is also worth mentioning that the Dawn Society, which was established in 1902, from which The Jadavpur University developed subsequently, operated from this college building.


1872 Vidyasagar College Library was established. It started functioning in the main building which is at present our Geography Department.

1926 After construction of Vidyasagar Hall (Hostel Building at 8, Cornwallis Street; at present 17, Bidhan Sarani) libarary & common room was shifted to its first floor. The library & common room remained open from 10-45 A.M. to 9 P.M. on all working days. At that time there was almost 80 seating capacity in the reading room.

1872 Metropolitan Institute got affiliation to the C.U for First Arts (F.A.)

1879 Metropolitan Institute got affiliation to the C.U for Graduation

1882 Metropolitan Institute got affiliation to the C.U for B.L. Course

1917 Metropolitan Institute was renamed as Vidyasagar College.

And subsequently the books meant for those courses were added to our library.

 Diversity of its collections

Subjects Subjects Subjects
English Bengali Sanskrit
Philosophy History Political Science
Economics Geography Journalism & Masscommunication
Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Computer Science Zoology Botany
Physiology Electronics Hindi
Pali and Law Other reference tools including Encyclopedia Britannica

Besides the aforesaid subjects – Food and Nutrition, Psychology & Biochemistry has been introduced recently as a Honours subject.

Document on twenty three major subjects & other reference materials are available here & thus Dr. C.D. Deshmukh’s (First Chairman of University Grants Commission, 1953 ) observation on libraries as “The students form the body of the University, the administration is the head while the teachers are the soul and the Library is the heart.”– is best suited for us.

As per C.U. documents & official records of the Vidyasagar College, Library holdings are as follows:


Collection of documents

1926- 1927




2007 (As on 31.4.2007)




The collections of Vidyasagar College Library to some extent bellow the expectation from such an old College. There are some obvious reasons.

This situation developed due to the fact that Vidyasagar College had given birth to four other Colleges mentioned earlier & large numbers of books were transferred to those independent College branches. Thus our main collection was divided in five parts and only one part is our current holdings.

Journals (Hardcopies):

Subscribed Journals/ News Paper


Subscribed Journals/ News Paper


Chip Monthly Electronics for You Monthly
Chronicle Monthly Employment News Weekly
CLIO Yearly Karmakshtra (Bengali) Weekly
Desh (Bengali) Bi- monthly Mathematics Today Monthly
Competition Master Monthly Science Reporter Monthly
Competition Success Review Monthly Scientific American India Monthly
Current Science Bi- monthly SPAN Quarterly
Down To Earth Bi- monthly Ganasakti (News Paper in Bengali) Daily
Economic and Political Weekly Weekly Science & Culture Bi-monthly


Huge number of Journals and e-books are available here:

American Institute of Physics (18 titles) http://journals.aip.org/
American Physical Society (10 titles) http://publish.aps.org/browse.html
Annual Reviews (33 titles) http://arjournals.annualreviews.org/
Cambridge University Press (224 titles) http://journals.cambridge.org/
Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) (1 titles) http://www.epw.in/
Indian Journals (150 titles) http://www.indianjournals.com/
Institute of Physics (46 titles) http://www.iop.org/EJ/
Oxford University Press (206 titles) http://www.oxfordjournals.org
Royal Society of Chemistry (29 titles) http://www.rsc.org/Publishing/Journals/
H. W. Wilson (1420 titles) http://vnweb.hwwilsonweb.com/hww/jumpstart.jhtml
E-brary (52000+ titles) http://site.ebrary.com/lib/inflibnet
Oxford Scholarship (902 titles) http://www.oxfordscholarship.com/
Net Library (936 titles) http://www.netlibrary.com/
Myilibrary-McGraw Hill (1308 titles) http://lib.myilibrary.com/browse/open.asp
Bibliographic Database
MathSciNet http://www.ams.org/mathscinet/
E-Resources for Universities
Web of Science http://isisknowledge.com
E-Resources for Technical Institutions (IITs, IISc, IISERs and NITs)
Annual Reviews http://arjournals.annualreviews.org/
Project Muse http://muse.jhu.edu/
Nature http://www.nature.com/

Mission & Vision

Extend more facilities and comfort to its readers:

–     C.U. students & research scholars may use it with prior permission. Seating capacity near about 40 students and 4 faculty members (separate room).

Save the time of its readers:

–     Introduction of Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) & Internet access facility.


–     Open access for staff but the students are allowed to go near the almirah to find their books/ periodicals. We should have to introduce open access for all, in near future.

Referral and reference service:

–     USIS library institutional membership and our reference service help users to search their seminar topic, dissertation or project materials.

–     N-LIST membership.

–     Career opportunities, employment news & clipping service – may guide to build their career.

Archives: Vidyasagar College have lots of rare collections in its possession & we are very proud to open it for the visit of research scholars and our students.

Service period: We serve during the normal College hours and in all examination days and summer recess.

Library at a glance

  • Total carpet area: 1140 sq. ft.
  • Seating capacity: 40 Students & 4-5 Faculty members.
  • Internet facility: Only for our members.
  • Xerox facility: We allow students but with restriction, to obey the Copyright Act.
  • Total Collection: 52885 (Books & Journals); Books:40213 & Journals: 12672

Computerised database partially ready : 23780; Unique: 15683 (till date)

  • Users visit per day:

(i) Faculty: 3

(ii) Student: 41

  • Books/ User: 16:1
  • Audio visual material (CD/ DVD/Floppy): 210
  • Purchase Policy:

Selection of documents / acquisition policy: By the departmental Heads

  • Budget: Prepared mainly on the basis of UGC Grant, College Grant & Donation
  • Audited stock verification: Last audit of library stocks were done in the year 2009-10
  • Wedding out policy: Decision taken by the G.B. or Library Committee or H.O.D.
  • Charging & discharging: On the basis of Library Constitution and Library Rules & Regulations.

Lending: 3 books for Honours and 2 for the Pass students

Lending Period: For one month.

Reference: 2 books and 1 journal at a time/ student.

Fine: As per library rules.

  • Rules and regulation: Presence of well defined rules and regulations for the library & it is updated regularly.
  • Constitution: The Constitution is the main guidelines of our library.
  • Constrains & difficulties: Lack of space for expansion, sharing the same premises with other College.
  • Needs: More space, airy atmosphere, single possession.
  • Future plans: Drinking water & toilet facility within the library, provision for more reading space, introduction of cubicles, full open access for all.
  • Preservation, pest control and fire protection: Periodic pest control and fire extinguishers.
  • Services rendered: Issue- return, reference, referral, printing, scanning, special assistance for physically challenged users, service rendered for the visitor of our archive and preparation of seminar/ project report by our student or by the students of University of Calcutta .
  • Achievements:

                        (a) Audited stock verification and computerized accounts and bills.

(b) All books are catalogued except some recently purchased books (under processing).

(c) Implementation of modern library software (SOUL by INFLIBNET)

(d) Construction of archives for rare documents

                         (e) Implementation of clipping service in new form, service and career   advancement news service.

(f) Introduction of Internet service

(g) Referral service by means of USIS Library institutional membership & through external linking.

(h) Computerized database searching (OPAC- still offline, within from library only).

(i) User education, user information service via website, new arrivals & departmental library content          are available in the library blog.

Decision making & Guidelines

  • Decision Making: Major decisions taken by the Library Committee which comprises of representatives of Teaching Staff, Non-teaching Staff & Students Representatives.
  • Guidelines: According to its own Constitution framed during the late 80’s and any other direction by the College Governing Body.


Major Problems of Libraries in Higher Education in India & we are not an exception:

(i)                 Change in mindset of the readers

(ii)               Budgetary Provisions

(iii)             Adequate space for present & future

(iv)             Infrastructure

(v)               Manpower

(vi)             Latest sources of information

(vii)           Digitization of existing manual library

(viii)          Availability of competent & motivated staff who can use modern IT based techniques efficiently.

(ix)             Lack of standard software in libraries within the budget.

(x)               Hike in prices of literature (both Journals & Books)

Treasure of our Library

(i)                 Prabasi Patrika- one of the old magazine in Bengali

(ii)               Royal Economic Society, London; published Journals

(iii)             First University Calendar 1858-1859, C.U. which shows that Bankim Chandra had passed the B.A. Exam in 2nd Division

and many other documents, probably available in this library only.

Emerging role of Libraries & we have to keep pace with it

Library is a centre for creation of knowledge

Library as a centre of recreation.

Library as a publisher.

Library as a centre of e-learning

Library as a digital class room

Library as a resource which provide 24×7 access.


        Education is a life long process, be it formal in a school, college, university or in an institute of higher learning, or informal education via self learning process. One can do life long learning. But, the prima facie aim of higher education is to impart knowledge that makes one a good citizen. Libraries of Higher Education are repositories of knowledge and form an integral part of higher education. India is a glaring example of moving towards that goal.


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